Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Guide

Simply place your wireless charging compatible device on the wireless charging outline to the left of the desk and it will start charging.

You can download the free app (for either Apple or Android) by searching for the “I.E. Control” app. Please install it on your device.

Once installed you can enter in your height and it will recommend the optimum height for you for sitting and for standing.

In the near future you will be able to program in sit-stand schedules and your desk will automatically move between sitting and standing heights as scheduled by you.

In the meantime we provide a free app with your order confirmation to configure reminders for your sit/stand schedule.

You can use the desk controller on the right of your desk to move the desk up and down and also store up to 3 preset positions.

To program a preset position simply use the up or down arrows to move the desk to your desired position. Then press the “S” key. Within 5 seconds press either the 1, 2 or 3 button to store the height for future use.

We recommend you read our how to best use your stand desk article. It covers off all the methodology to make the most of your Stand Desk.

Stand Desk offers best-in-class height range of 600mm to 1250mm heights. In practice this will provide the correct range for sitting and standing positions for people between the heights of 5’0′ and 6’6” (152cm – 198cm).


Stand Desk height adjustable desks are simple to put together. We have created a step-by step video tutorial to assist you below:
> View Stand Desk Assembly Video

Assembly of your Stand Desk will take 20 – 25 minutes. Stand Desks have extra components such as the wireless charger and cable management tray. However, the frames are fast assembly and the desk tops come with pre-drill inserts which hugely speeds up assembly.

No tools are required for assembly. An alan key comes with the desk and all attachment points are pre-drilled.


Simply hold down the up and down keys on your controller until the desk goes down to its lowest height. It will take 5 seconds before the desk starts to move.

Press the UP key and the S key for 5 seconds at the same time. The digital display tube will display LOC. To release the lock press the UP and S key for 5 seconds again.

Press and hold S key and the 1,2,3 keys to switch from imperial to metric values (and vice versa).


Shipping is free Australia-wide for all Stand Desk orders.

Orders are shipped next business day using Star Track & TNT. Sydney orders are shipped using Capital Transport. Expect to receive your order overnight in the greater Sydney area, 2 – 3 working days in most parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and 4 – 8 days elsewhere in Australia.

Someone is required to be present to receive delivery of the order. Please make sure you carefully inspect the boxes for any obvious signs of damage. Please contact us immediately on 1800 905 107 if there is damage to any of the boxes.

Returns & Refunds

We offer free returns on all orders of single units. Please read our Returns & Refunds instructions for how to return a desk for a full refund (including return shipping).

We inspect any returned desks twice a week. As long as the desk is returned in “as-new” condition we will immediately refund your transaction.


We offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on all moving parts. Please read the terms & conditions of our warranty.

Commercial Orders

We offer a 10% discount on your order for orders of 5 – 9 desks and 15% discount on orders of 10 or more desks. This is on top of any specials we have running on the website.

We offer free return shipping on all orders for single desks. So we recommend you order a single desk, assemble it and appraise it. If you would then like to order more, we will refund the discount amount off the initial order.