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Stand Desk Mat

Our stand desk mat provides a cushioned surface to stand on that alleviates pressure and stress on your joints. This makes standing at your stand desk more comfortable for longer periods of time. Made from high quality high density foam, the mats measure 100cm x 50cm and are 2.5cm thick.


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Tea Lee
Stand desk mat

Make sure you get the mat too. If you are investing in a practical and beautiful desk to treat your body well while you're working from home, then the mat makes it even more comfortable. And better for your knees and feet.

Andre Felix Miertschink
Amazing desk

Great desk which was easy to mount and it comes already with cable management tray, etc. The only part which didn’t work well for me was the phone charge. There was no sign at the table where the phone should be placed and had to spend good amount to time to find the exact spot to charge. However, I was not planning to use it anyway as I need the whole table space.
Overall a great table and definitely recommend

Matthew Lee
Great quality

Very comfortable

Daniel Hodder
Great mat

Great mat. It has really good support when wearing shoes or not.

Daniel Robinson
Why are you allowed to check out without one of these!

I'm not sure it's optional not to have one of these! Really recommend. I also randomly broke my pinky toe the day I got the desk going - and I can tell you, it feels most comfortable on this stand desk mat.

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